Sunday, 8 January 2012

The times, they are a-changin'

"Come gather 'round people, Wherever you roam, And admit that the waters, Around you have grown, And accept it that soon, You'll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you, Is worth savin', Then you better start swimmin', Or you'll sink like a stone, For the times they are a-changin'" Bob Dylan

So if you have been following my blog you will notice a lot of changes. I've been thinking of a better way to express myself through this blog and last night, around a scrumptious Thai meal with my loved ones, we brainstormed a makeover for my blog site. It's hard to tell my stories without sounding a bit depressing. Let's face it, MS is bloody depressing - but there is so much good to tell too! We agreed that my blog name should be changed to something a bit more irreverent and more creative: MS! The Musical was born. From this point on, all of my posts will be based on a relevant song that helps my readers better understand my message and provide them with some more context. I also get to revisit some of my favourite tracks in the process!

This week, being the anniversary of two major life-changing events I immediately thought of this Bob Dylan classic. You see, this week is one year since I was formally diagnosed with MS, and that same week my brand-new family home was inundated with flood waters in Brisbane. My life was literally and metaphorically being drowned by tragic events. But I had a choice: sink, or swim. Together, my family and I swam out, dried ourselves off and started rebuilding a new life, in more ways than one. Sounds pretty epic, huh? Well it was!

Today I am happy to report that despite feeling a twinge of melancholy and sentimentality over the year's events, my life has never been better. I have my health (relatively speaking) and the love of a wonderful man. I have four beautiful step kids and amazing family and friends. MS is a new house guest, and the times are a-changing for us, but the outlook is sunny today!


  1. Way to make me cry like a sissy. The re-vamp is fabulous, and I'm glad the times are a-changin'.

  2. In the immortal words of 'The man in Amazing Sunglasses' ~ "I'm still standin'. Yeh, yeh, yeh".

  3. Love the new look! One thing we can always count on is that times do change and we all make the choice to sink or swim (and maybe drown a few along the way who want to weigh us down!). Love reading your blog :-)