Monday, 13 June 2011

The importance of being Yoshi

This is my dog, Yoshi. Yoshi is an 18 month old West Highland White Terrier. I've had the luck of knowing Yoshi since she was about 6 weeks old. She's only been in my life for this short short time, but she has had a profound impact on me. Poor little Yosh has been very sick recently with complications from knee surgery.

She's an awesome little dog so I thought today I'd dedicate a blog post to the importance of being Yoshi.

Yoshi as a puppy

 Yoshi came into my life at a very unhappy and stressful time. She made my days so much brighter and gave me a reason to come home from work every day. She gives the best greeting of any dog I've ever met! She also gave me total and unconditional love and companionship at home - I was seriously lacking that. 
She's an incredibly affectionate, obedient and funny little thing.

After her recent knee operation :(
She's been my constant companion through an unhappy marriage, a divorce, 4 house moves, many illnesses (including the MS), the floods that claimed our 'new' home, job changes, a new relationship and much more. 

When I was sick in hospital I was pining for Yoshi terribly. It was kind of embarassing actually - I think everyone thought I was losing the plot because I couldn't stop worrying about her! But we'd just lost our house and she was being shunted around the place and I wasn't around, so I know she was pining for me too.

Until I met Yosh I wasn't a crazy dog lady, but I fell in love with her and she quickly became a really important member of my family. Now I would describe myself as a Yoshi enthusiast and a huge dog lover! I'm really mozzing for Yoshi to have a speedy recovery so she can return to her maniacally energetic ways soon.


  1. Three cheers for Yoshi. <3 <3 <3

  2. I love you as much as yoshi! Can I have a blog entry too?