Thursday, 27 October 2011

And now for something completely different...

What a week! It turns out there was some confusion with my latest MRI report. My thalamus seems stable but the old lesion is still active. The new lesion is actually in my spinal column, which is...interesting. I am yet to have the results explained to me, but the doctor's priority seems to be getting the drugs into me, so I shan't complain. On Monday this week the hospital called and said I was to be admitted on Wednesday for more chemo. Thank god my boss is super cool with last minute notice (she's a bloody gem actually), despite my hectic work schedule. I had to postpone a really important trip to North QLD for this treatment and she just shrugged, bless her cotton socks!  I was infused yesterday and today I am home resting and drinking endless cups of tea. I had a very bad feeling about this infusion for some reason and was compelled to tell everyone how much I love them constantly. MS is such an emotional and physical rollercoaster and I think my usual optimism has given way to reluctant skepticism. But enough whingeing! The infusion went really well and thanks to the generous dose of phenergan (pre-treatment) I was unconscious for most of it. My lovely mum sat by my side the whole day and it was a great comfort. Just in time for the needle to come out, my partner and his four cherubs came to pick me up. Having the kids around makes me play tough so it was really good to have them with us last night - and they all give great cuddles. Their nan came over for dinner and we had an early night. My heart pounded really hard in my chest all night but apart from that I felt surprisingly good.

I am a bit drained and weak today but I have some time off work to recover so I plan to use it to full advantage. Yoga, reading and sleeping is on the cards for today, and a visit from my fabulous sister (who will no doubt bring goodies and cheer). MS symptom-wise I am doing well. I can't ask for more really! More chemo in two weeks and then it should be check-mate for MS. Hazaar!

Did I mention that chemo makes you chemically 'hot' for a week? I can officially confirm that I AM HOT baby! Only downside is no smooches for seven whole days!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the huge love and support you have given me. I love yooooooos.

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